Investment Strategy

Capital providers partnering with entrepreneurs for investments in real estate, finance, and technology with a buy-and-hold strategy.


We are capital providers. Our model is to partner with entrepreneurs and operators who have proprietary investment opportunities characterized by superior risk-adjusted returns. The combination of compelling opportunity and talented operator backed by our investment capital is what makes a MIRO deal. Our operating partners generally maintain day-to-day, operational control over the investment while we typically retain board and ultimate corporate governance control. We do not have an express investment “vertical” or exclusive asset-class focus.

Our investment orientation is “horizontal” and ultimately driven by an analysis of the corporate finance attributes of the deal. The disciplined application of our investment principles has, over time, caused us to acquire a concentration of investments in the following three areas: real estate, finance and technology. Unlike most institutional investors, we are not exit-oriented. We are buy-and-hold investors. For us, the key post-investment milestone with respect to a real estate investment is the equity refinance horizon (full or partial). In the case of an operating company investment, the key milestone is cash-flow break even and/or financial self-sufficiency.



Our current investment portfolio is comprised predominantly of real estate located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States from New York City to Washington, DC and points in between, including Philadelphia. Real estate, and in particular, multi-family work-force housing located in urban and near-urban geographies, represents one of the best risk-adjusted investment classes we have encountered since approximately 2010. We also currently have investments in several operating companies, both in the United States and abroad, and in certain financial instruments.