Our Approach

Our model is to partner with talented operators who have proprietary investment opportunities and are in need of strategic capital. We are primarily equity investors. However, depending on the circumstances, we will from time-to-time make debt investments. We generally retain board and corporate governance control. At the same time, we afford our operating partners extremely wide latitude in being leaders, making day-to-day management decisions and exercising sound business judgment. While we diligently analyze and underwrite every business opportunity in which we invest, we also believe that the most critical component to be evaluated in any opportunity is the leadership team behind it. As board members, we tend to be particularly active in the areas of business strategy, corporate finance, key hires and other life-cycle inflection points. We evaluate deals on the basis of a “risk-adjusted return” worldview, meaning that the “risk” to which investment capital will be subject during the life of an investment (including loss, impairment and illiquidity) must be commensurate with the realizable “return.” Fidelity to this simple, yet time-honored, investment principle has stood our firm, our investors, our investees and our operating partners in good stead.